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    Desk spaces in a super quiet backyard building

    There are 8 Deskspaces for 160 EUR/month NETTO in an old Plattenbauten DDR printshop in Friedrichshein. You get a desk (200 x 80 cm), a chair, a lamp and full time acc...

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    Time-shared Studio/Mitnutzung Atelier

    - studio space in Neukölln/Kreuzberg/Schöneberg/Tempelhof/Wedding
    - up to 150 Euros a month
    - can be small
    - to be used for group meetings (I am a member of...

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    Suche Mitstreiter
    Schön aufgeteiltes Fotostudio mit 60 qm Studiofläche (Deckenhöhe 3,40m),
    Büro, Werkstatt, Küche und Lager (Gesamtfläche 119 qm)
    Es ist schon Viel...

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    Fixed desk in co-working space Neukölln (for unlimited time)

    For the price of only 76EUR we have a desk available in our co-working space located in the old Finance building of Neukölln. The office is on the second floor with a ...

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    • Very bright artist studio on the third floor of the creative fabrik HB55
    • 57,50 sqm
    • 526,58 Euro brutto rent (incl. extra costs, heating, electricity and 19% VA...

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    1 Fixed desk free at storefront co-working space by Boddinstrasse / Tempelhof

    Come and work with us!

    We are a bunch of guys and girls, working together freelance and together in our lovely bright old storefront based directly with a view to ...

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    Salon Renate Coworking

    Salon Renate, a former old hairdresser salon, is a Berlin based collaborative studio for co-working and project development. It is located in a lively part of the Neuk...

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    life & work multispace*

    I´m fashion stylist & producer of advertising photography, i´m looking for a mini multispace for working and living _ where you can work painting, can have a...

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    Coworking Space / Arbeitsplatz

    We are a community of artists, illustrators, designers, programmers,... from many diferent countries.
    Join us! You can cowork with us for a day, a month or even longe...

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    1 room rental for working space in a bright, modern office building in Schoeneberg

    We are offering a comfortable, clean, bright, modern working space for freelancers or professionals to rent. Our offices are located on the 3rd floor and include a kit...

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    Shared space in large bright studio overlooking Tempelhof

    We are four designers looking to share our studio space. We have one space free in our bright 61sqm space overlooking the entire Tempelhofer airport. It is approximate...

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    Bright and cosy office space in old fabric by Moritzplatz, nearby Betahaus and Prinzessinnengarten. Ca 4 meter ceiling-height, fishbone-parkett and raw walls, facing c...

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    We are pleased to announce the launch of our new photo rental studio - Yorck Studio

    The studio is versatile and features a 110m2 open concept space.
    Shoot natural ...

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    ---English Version below---

    Hallo liebe Leute,

    dies ist ein langes Inserat, da es sich bei Studio Binkblink um einen speziellen Ort handelt. Ich freue mich über ...

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    CoCreating at SomoS Art House

    CoCreating at SomoS Art House, offering coworking desk space for artists and creatives with tools and equipment for artists and inviting extras for professionals.


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    Studio space with sewing machines / Atelier mit Nähmaschinen zu vermieten

    I am looking for someone to share my studio space and my sewing equipment with. The studio is in Kunstfabrik HB55 (www.hb55.de/) in Lichtenberg, very close to the live...

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    Nice, bright and superfriendly atelierspace

    Hi all,

    we have a nice free deskspace in our Studio Hertzberg. We are 8 people (illustration, fashion, art, video) and we are looking for a new nice person to share...

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    Gorgeous ground floor work space

    Studio Space For Rent

    Large ground floor work space to sublet/share/subdivide.
    There are two rooms on offer to be divided as best suits. 3,70 m ceilings, wooden ...

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    Shared Studio Place Sublet

    I´m subletting my studio in Neukölln near U-Bahn-station U8 Leinestraße. It´s Available from 1.September 2014 to February 2015- flexible terms are possible.

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    FIREWORKS - shared office workspace


    is a shared office space in a beautiful newly renovated loft in a rear building of a former fire station. We're a friendly crew of graphic desi...

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