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  • Mathilde Comby

    Hi, my name is Mathilde Comby, and I make bespoke and ethical artwear, in my workshop in France.
    RANDOM RAINFALLS ARTWEAR works are unique, can be made to order, and ...

  • Prue Cumes

    I am a practicing Independent artist working and living in Australia. My work has a strong conceptual base and is socio/political in it's content. I work in media th...

  • Greg Bold

    I am an artist and musician. Mostly I like to work in renewable or at least not toxic materials and I am an advocate of open source computer programs. At present my m...

  • Veronica Losantos


  • fabio cremonese

    im Fabio an italian artist working and living between Berlin and Napoli..
    My media are : paintings, sculptures installations, drawings.

  • Nelson Santos

    Nelson Santos is a Portuguese fashion designer, illustrator and artist, who moved to London in 2007 after studying Fashion and Textiles Design in Portugal.

    He expl...

  • Kyra Jacques

  • Fuchsbau Festival

    Once a year young artists and established performers come together in this very special festival to showcase, explore, create and connect with each other and the audie...

  • Tape That

    Tape That is a Berlin-based artist collective founded in 2011. Inspired by the possibility to create something new out of an everyday object, Tape That mostly work wit...

  • Cristina Ara

  • Ava Selbach

  • Jacky Marbach

  • ky nant

  • Frau Hase

  • Else

  • Adam Matschulat Aguiar

    I love working with story-telling. Being in Music or Post-Production; both for me are an incredibly enjoyable work and I face every single project as a challenge to gi...

  • Breaking the Cage Productions

    Breaking the Cage Productions is an independent production company whose aim is to examine human interaction with their environments through film, exploring themes of ...

  • m.luise

    “C’è un’occupazione che non mi stanca mai: guardare, [...] fotografare è per me un approfondimento dello sguardo, [...] fotografare è per me vivere."


  • Lee Cosmo

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