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  • Romy Rolletschke

    Photography is stopping time. This way, the artistic beauty of the frozen world and the people inside it can be appreciated. I am a German Berlin-based street photogra...

  • Slavomila Zachova

    ... good cool interesting dirty characteristic Voice I'm told, though I Say;
    I have yet to get my stability back from playing with others and Live, which is the prac...

  • Emanuelle Nedelcu

    Emanuelle Nedelcu is an American born Interdisciplinary Performer and Artist. She graduated from the School of Arts Architecture at UCLA, and has resided in Berlin sin...

  • Persia Beheshti


  • Lois Waite

  • lauren rae mace

    My name is Lauren Rae Mace and I am currently interested in creating new dialogues with groups of people to potentially create new work. I have recently finished my se...

  • Benjamin Lewis

  • Wolfgang Hofmeister

    I'm a scientist and artist, guitarist and traveller.

  • Umut Ozover

    I'm a human, son, designer, artist, coder, blogger, non-professional pianist, photographer, nerd, friend, dreamer, Aries, INTJ and warrior of light.

  • Barry Haislah

  • Szu Ning Tung

  • Heike Meyburgh

  • carolin isabelle entenmann

  • Katrín Hauksdóttir

  • Galerie Katrin Eitner

    For now Galerie Katrin Eitner is a moving gallery in temporary spaces, based in Berlin. You may find the gallery in Elberfelder Str. 35, Berlin during july and august ...

  • moving.images.berlin

    moving.images.berlin is a project space to present and promote international video art, time-based art works and experimentell film. Located in Berlin moving.images.be...

  • Rebeka Jazbec

    I am a young art enthusiast, I would like to have a career in arts and I would like to have it in Berlin! I studied History of Art and now I am looking for a job in a ...

  • Erik Zocher

  • Josip Horvat

    I am born in Celje (Slovenia) 1987., lives currently in Berlin. My field of work are performance, video, installation and theory. I hold an MA in New Media and Animati...

  • Ruthie Stephens

    I am a British actress working in musical theatre in the US. I want to begin working in Berlin in theatre, aerial arts and of course musical theatre. I am also a jazz ...

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