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  • Alexandra Reichart

    I am Alexandra and I live and work in Berlin and Cologne.

    I started with photography when I was a teenager.
    After I studied design and informatics and worke...

  • Gabriele Benefico

  • Moira Watson

  • Till Pöhlmann

  • Kolektiva Balkana

    Kolektiva Balkana is an artistic platform that founded in Berlin at 2013.

    The collective experiments with different forms of art from films & theatre to performan...

  • Yasaman Pishvai

    I was very little when I fell in love with words; their sound and their meanings. It took me a couple of years until I realized I can playfully put them together and ...

  • Natacha Le Duff

  • Amy Stafford

    Amy Stafford is an award winning designer, multidisciplinary creative and identity development consultant based in Berlin Germany. She leverages over 16 years of profe...

  • Çağrı Pehlivan

  • Walid Chaker

  • Galina

    I am a native Russian, currently living and working in Berlin. I play the piano, sing and write songs (mainly in indie-pop, piano-rock and pop-rock genres). I performe...

  • Stefany Alonso

  • Johanna Gilje

  • Jos Porath

  • Jennifer Jennsel

  • Jonathan Miles

  • Vector Productions Inc.

    Each edition compiles the written works by 25 emerging and established artists for print and online. The form, length, and theme is up to each artist. Essays range fro...

  • Manu S Ajith

    Senior software craftsman featuring expertise in Ruby on Rails, Coffeescript, web frameworks and other programming languages, a passion for Web 2.0 trends, APIs, mashu...

  • Thomas Romana

  • Valentin Willaredt

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