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  • Lee Cosmo

  • Sol Namgung

    Hi i'm Sol, 23, and from South Korea. Now I live in Berlin spending free time painting and drawing.
    Currently I draw or paint some small-sized stuffs, so that i can s...

  • Omer Liechtenstein

    After its founding by Omer Liechtenstein in Tel Aviv, the first sign of life from Felidae Trick came out on summer 2011, the release of "The Felidae Trick" album. Afte...

  • Kitnoir

    we are trying to create freiraum / personal space in our creative work.

  • Janni Louise Fewster

    An emerging illustrator from Melbourne Australia planning to move to Berlin to network, collaborate and grow as an artist. Currently planning the move.

  • andres bucci

    Versatile producer and live artist, Andres Bucci has been crafting his sounds since the late 90’s after moving to Berlin where the Chilean native honed his skills in t...

  • Lisa

  • Murad

  • Emily

  • melissa taylor freivogel

    Melissa Taylor has worked in electronic music for 15 years with many respected companies. Over this time she has established an excellent reputation for reliability, h...

  • Dreitausend e. V.

    Wir vom Dreitausend e. V. initiieren und fördern Kunst- und Kulturprojekte in Berlin, die sich über traditionelle Genregrenzen hinausbewegen.

    Grenzen zu akzeptieren...

  • Alice Fleming

  • Keir Meikle

  • Victor Martinez

  • amy


    COVEN BERLIN is a sex-positive transdisciplinary genderbender collective focused on feminism, love, gender, sexuality and art.

  • João Victor Ragazzi

  • Pierre Guichard

  • EBA51

    Containerdorf in Berlin Plänterwald für 400 Studenten.


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