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    Looking for Artists for Exhibitions

    hi peeps,

    we are looking for artists to show there work here at Loophole in the upcoming months.
    our goal is to showcase one artist per week with vernissage and mu...

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    loophole weekly.. disaster!!

    dear friends!.. how is LIFE?? :P
    we're exited to announce this coming week,..
    quote: good man,... good, good, good, good, goooood

    it goes like this... :


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    ---A WHOLE LOOP---

    ladies and gents, boys and girls,..

    We're going for a verve, you will not lose for a whole weekend.
    The evening will be packed with a variety of sound arrows, read...

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    Duo Photography Exhibition. By Jorge Albella and Thomas Probst.

    -Travelling, working, making a coffee, relaxing after the day, looking through the w...

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    Dunkel Darky

    Dont miss this friday night!!

    D.Ferri / TT Geigenschrey (LIVE)

    TT GEIGENSCHREY is a Berlin born and raised multistyle artist – with priority on following inst...

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    Purple Rain

    _________De New Technocrats_____________________

    Elegant electro synthrock duo from Madrid

    Recently based in Berlin. Inspired by 80’s techno pioneers, thei...