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    Hybrid Tandems

    Die Hybrid Plattform und der Hybrid Plattform e.V. laden zu den Hybrid Tandems am 4. und 5. Juni 2015 ein. Zum zweiten Mal bieten wir mit diesem experimentellen Format...

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    Hybrid Talks & Showcase “Human-Technology Interaction”

    German translation: http://ow.ly/KZ0LG

    The interfaces between technology and people are becoming ever easier, more intuitive, barrier-free. The trend is for devices...

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    Hybrid Talks “Games”

    Our next Hybrid Talks are dedicated to the field of “games”, with its manifold meanings. As much as people tend to agree on the general idea of this concept, no one in...

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    Our design culture influences our thinking culture and vice versa. Design prototypes have a process character; whereas, technological prototypes are the results of R&D...

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    The goal of UseTree, the “Berlin Competence Center for Usability Measures”, is to spread the idea of usability among medium-sized companies. The center focuses on mobi...

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    n the project “Design, Development and Dissemination of New Musical Instruments” (3DMIN), the conditions for the artistic success of musical instruments will be invest...

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    The project partakes in the Solar Decathlon 2014 – Green Liver for the City and is among the final 20 participants of the contest. In July 2014 the team will build the...

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    Hybrid Talks »Nature – Material – Culture: Practice and understanding of biotechnology«

    Biological processes, like brewing beer or making cheese, have a long tradition in human culture; today, however, our biotechnological capabilities are changing fundam...

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    Hybrid Talks »Sketches & Sketching«

    © Fraunhofer IPK

    Sketch making belongs to one of the oldest procedures that research possesses to organize knowledge. Up through today, sketches have contributed to...

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    Hybrid Talks & Showcase “Rethinking Prototyping”

    Prototyping is everywhere. The first hand drawing on a beer coaster is already part of a chain of visualizations and materializations on their way to an idea being car...

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    Hybrid Talks »New Musical Instruments«

    Any object that can emit sound or noise can serve, in principle, as a musical instrument, but only a few instruments actually succeed in highlighting the virtuosity an...

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    Hybrid Talks “Light”

    Light is a basic requirement for life on our planet, a significant phenomenon in the cultural history of mankind, and the key to many modern technologies. The Executiv...

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    Hybrid Talks “Performance of Work”

    The tenth Hybrid Talks focus on the concept of performance/ power – thus also to say the value of work, and what these terminologies imply in the sciences, in the arts...

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    4th Design Modelling Symposium Berlin “Rethinking Prototyping”

    We would like to recommend you the 4th Design Modelling Symposium Berlin “Rethinking Prototyping”.The Symposium consists of two parts, two days of Workshops and Master...

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    Hybrid Talks “Usability”

    Hardenbergstrasse 33, room 102

    Usability – that is the feature that characterizes a product, system, or service to work satisfactorily and effectively. And more: Us...