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    Critical Wounds - Angela Kaisers/Tatiana Ilichenko

    The event Critical Wounds is a collaboration between the artists Angela Kaisers and Tatiana Ilichenko. It consists of the display of Angela's original dream notes and ...

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    On loss and grief.

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    Christel is the story of the fictitious character Christel Rosenberg, the biography I assigned her and my obsession of re-living this life.

    In 2006 I found a box of...

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    "Us? You and me?"

    Including found vintage items like photographs, postcards, book covers and text clippings as well as cross stitchings and dream transcripts.

    “Anxiety is love’s grea...

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    The installation "Bermania!" is based on my research about the artists' artist Wallace Berman (1926- 1976) and my observations conducted in my thesis “Bermania! Comp...

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    Mise-en-scène. A night of reading, wine & music. Part 1


    A night of reading:

    "Ist die Sympathie für den Künstler notwendig, über seine Kunst zu sprechen?"

    Wie jeder Ausstellungsort und die Zeit, in de...

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    Publication "Mise-en-scène"

    Wie jeder Ausstellungsort und die Zeit, in der ein Werk einerseits entsteht, als auch in welcher es präsentiert wird, ihre eigene Stimmung und Atmosphäre einbringen, s...